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Some people may think they need to have an extremely serious problem to go to therapy. But therapy is not just for people with major problems – therapy benefits everyone. It’s actually quite common to have feelings of anxiousness, confusion or stress around your relationships or your career. The only requirement for going to therapy is being an ordinary human being. 

You might  think it will feel awkward to share your innermost thoughts and feelings with a stranger – so why not just talk to a friend or family member? As valued as these people are in your life, they aren’t trained to listen, and they may interrupt or get distracted with their own lives. Talking to a psychologist may actually be easier since they donʻt have expectations of you or preconceived notions about how you should respond. 

Psychologists also understand and value the uniqueness of the inner workings of human minds. They may not be surprised by or scared of things most others would be. Mental health is their special interest – it’s why they became psychologists – to help others. 

You may also think therapy is too expensive. However, most patients who seek therapy are covered by their insurance with a minimal or zero dollar copay. And, what is the cost of not seeking the guidance that could change your life? The goal of therapy is understanding yourself so you can live a wholehearted life. To be able to express yourself and connect genuinely to the people you care about – as your genuine self.

The value you get from therapy is having insight into how your mind works and how to manage it: what you desire, what you fear, why you behave the way you do, and why some feelings can be overwhelming.

What Happens Next?

By talking to someone who is trained to carefully listen, you will begin to see patterns or habits emerge around relationships or failures, jealousy or continual issues with your parent, sibling or friend – these are just a few things therapy addresses. 

Knowing how to navigate today’s world isn’t something we are born knowing, it isn’t instinctual – it’s a set of skills, it’s something we must learn. Seeing a psychologist isn’t a sign of weakness – it’s the courageous first step to living a life more aligned with your values, as your authentic, genuine self. 


Starting therapy is an important decision. Feeling safe to explore your inner world with your therapist will dictate how successful your progress will be. For this reason, I offer a complimentary phone or video consultation to discuss your goals for therapy and to be sure we’re a fit. If we are a fit, I will collect some information, and email you a link to begin filling out forms online prior to your first session. We will also work on confirming a set day/time that we plan to meet each week.  

If we discover we aren’t the best match or our schedules don’t work, I can offer referrals to colleagues who may be better suited to meet your needs.  


I accept HMSA (PPO & Quest), HWMG and UHA insurances at this time. It is your responsibIlity to confirm that I am an in-network provider for your insurance.   

On average, copays tend to range from $0 (Medicaid) to $30 per session.  

If you wish to pay out-of-pocket, my fees are: $220 per hour.  


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Your privacy is a priority, and you are protected by law. My confidentiality policy is located here.

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